The Mermaid Tale…

AllDon’t Shoot The Mermaid is a sketch trio who write, perform and produce sketches for film. These slippery, scaly creatures of the deep were formerly members of sketch group Zeus’ Pamphlet, who gigged in and around London, before a successful Edinburgh 2011 run at The Underbelly. “Edinburgh Top Picks 2011″ – Elle Magazine

Don’t Shoot The Mermaid dive into the everyday grotesque, writhe around in others’ misfortune, and enjoy a nimble Granny or two. Oh, and they have tails, and thrive on wine and crisps. Just so you know.

Don’t Shoot The Mermaid recently filmed comedy pilot ‘Call Girls’ with Fab & Frantic Productions, alongside the boys from Zeus… Score!

Meet the Mermaids


The Blonde – Emma Rasmussen is a comedy writer/performer and filmmaker. Her segue into comedy came halfway through a film degree at Ithaca College, New York. After one too many shots of broken doll parts and people with no purpose running purposefully through forests, she decided to wipe the agonised look of her face and try comedy. In her final year she devoted herself to making comedy shorts and sketches. In 2009 Emma set-up former five-member sketch group Zeus’ Pamphlet where she met the other Mermaids. After two successful years in ZP, the group parted ways and the girls formed Don’t Shoot The Mermaid. Emma is a video editor and cuts all the sketches. She also writes a blog called Living in the Over-Analyzed Moment.



The Brunette – Heather Darcy started out with plans to become a Clinical Psychologist, but the powerful memory of playing Butty the Dog in a school play at the age of 8 was too great and led her to follow her acting dream. Since graduating from drama school, she has performed in a number of films and theatre productions, with many of the films being screened and winning awards at international festivals, including Cannes and LA Short Film Festival, among others. She recently filmed scenes for new 1930s BBC Drama ‘Dancing on the Edge’ and has just completed filming on comedy/drama TV pilot Call Girls. Having an obsession with all things Indian, she would LOVE to star in a Bollywood film.



The Redhead – Natasha Velyn Goldup is a country girl – she was born in Kent, but later made the move to London (well, Essex, but it’s on the central line, so technically it IS London, well, it’s not….but…..kind of). She spent three years at drama school where she focused on her craft, polishing it, nurturing it and living a whole week as a lizard (which she chose because they barely move), laughing silently at the poor fellow actor who chose to be a monkey…mental. Since then, Tash has worked mainly in theatre, but also recently featured in new film ‘Bollocks’ and has just finished filming TV pilot ‘Call Girls’. Also, of course, she is a mermaid.