The Treasure Chest

Here are just some of the absolute gems who the Mermaids would like to thank for being so generous with their time, skills, equipment or locations!

Stefan Lee

A big fat Mermaid snog to the talented (and hot!) DOP Stefan Lee, for all his amazing filming on #SELFIE. His patience hand-holding a camera as three mermaids whom he’d just meet ad-libbed at him down the lens was remarkable! Check out all his other work at Native Pixel.


Joan Bordera Benaiges

Big thanks to the hugely talented DOP Joan Bordera for lending his skills and camera to film #SELFIE, ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’, ‘Dry Lips’ and The Power of ‘Ow’!’. Check out his beautiful showreel.

The Step

We are so so grateful to Matt and Nell, the generous owners of this fabulous cafe/bar for allowing us to film ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’, ‘The Power of ‘Ow’!’ AND ‘Dry Lips’ there! If you love good coffee, great wine delicious food and a lovely atmosphere, visit The Step!


Simon Riley – Polarity Films

Massive Mermaid thank you to director Simon Riley of Polarity Films for coming on board with us again after ‘Dry Lips’ and ‘The Power of ‘Ow’!’ to co-direct ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’ He is an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re very grateful to him for his contribution all the way from pre-production post!


Haridas Stewart

Thank you to the brilliant DOP Haridas, for coming on board to shoot our last day of filming for ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’. Find out more about him and his other exciting projects through his website.

Susumu Asano

Thank you to the superb colourist Susumu for doing a fabulous grade on ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’ We’re so pleased with the results, as are our skintones! Take a peek at his other colour work and his stunning photography on his website.

Joaquim Plossu

Thank you to the lovely and ever so generous Joaquim, a sound engineer who mastered the audio on ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’ We’re so grateful for all his work on it.

David McCusker

Thank you to the sublime McCusker for taking a moment from collecting helium balloons on the telly (yes he’s the chap from that Freeview ad!) to give a superb performance in ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’. Find out all about his acting, writing, clowning, puppeteering and triathlon training on his blog.

Frank Threapleton-Horrocks

A big pinch on the bum to the cheeky Frank for lending us his amazing rubber face and tremendous acting skills in ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’

Neil James Thomas

A huge thank you the fabulous Neil for his hilarious, no-holds-barred performance in ‘Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?’! See his other great work in his showreel.

Casey Hill

We want to thank Casey for being our terrifyingly brilliant lesbian date in ‘The Power of ‘Ow’!’.Take a look at what else she can do!

Gavin Cooper

Gavin was one of our hot dates in The Power of ‘Ow’! and we want to thank him for his brilliant performance. Check out his fab showreel.

Luke Hope

Luke was our wonderfully weirded out waiter in ‘Dry Lips’, and our deliciously plummy artist in The Power of ‘Ow’, and we would like to thank him for both his talent and suggestions. Check out his other great work.

Mariusz Majchrowski

Mariusz is a brilliant DOP/Cameraman. He worked with us on, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and ‘Air on a G string’. Check out at his stunning work on Vimeo.

Lola Hero Rogers

Huge thanks to the incredibly talented star in the making that is Lola Hero Rogers (she was only 8 weeks old when we filmed Quack!)

Renee Rogers

A massive mermaid snog to the generous and ever resourceful Renee Rogers for lending us her nursery…oh and her baby too!

Tom Bryan

Big thank you to the amazing Tom Bryan, a hugely talented DOP/Cameraman we worked with on ‘The Power of ‘Ow’!’ ‘Have You Told Nicola?’ and ‘The Naked Bride’. See what he’s up to on his website.

Bows Bridal Boutique

We would like to thank Tania Meads for allowing us to film The Naked Bride at her beautiful shop Bows Bridal Boutique. Check out her gorgeous dresses here.

Oli Frape

We would like to say a massive thank you to the amazing Oli for designing our logo! Check out his website as he is truly FAB!!

Jay Moon

We want to thank Jay for his awesome mermaidy illustration! An incredible picture from an incredible artist!!